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Through the photoelectric technology co., LTD. Development of high speed, shape precision coating industry base in the world

Through the photoelectric technology co., LTD. Development of high speed, shape precision coating industry base in the world

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2016/04/21 00:00
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International precision coating industry base, strengthen the international talent and technical exchanges, and intensify research and development of new products, timely response to the industry cluster of change, the use of new technology and the formula with great concentration in the production of the functional thin film materials, to meet the demand of the market. Recently, through the photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is the global market layout, in addition to the mainland China headquarters, also expand Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and India and other countries and regions of market development.

Innovation of science and technology: a number of products were rated "high-tech products", and was listed as "national torch plan"

According to understand, jiangyin, photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the science and technology") was founded in 2001, the mayor of jiangyin in jiangsu province, mainly engaged in precision coating and new functional materials and polymer thin film materials research and development, production, marketing; The company has first-class production environment, and is equipped with the world's leading precision coating, composite, stretch film, blown film and a series of production line, and integrate the capable r&d team at home and abroad, using the most advanced techniques and technologies, around the Internet of things, smart city, consumer electronics, flexible displays, automotive, intelligent home appliances, robot, medical health, energy conservation, environmental protection and other industries, develop and produce all kinds of new functional materials.

"Through the science and technology" in the process of scale production and technology research and development, as a new functional material of growing market demand, has brought the company continues to develop powerful motivation and opportunity, in recent years, the company continuously increased funding for the expansion of production base, equipment updates, high-end technology talent training and introduction, increased investment in research and development, using the new process design, unique formula, to overcome the multiple technical barriers in the field of new functional materials; At the same time, using the modern enterprise management mode, the realization of careful management, lean production, promoting the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises constantly, create international well-known brand; Company now has a number of "patent", "national key new product", "scientific and technological achievements", "copyright", etc., new functional materials in a number of products was rated "high-tech products in jiangsu province, was listed as" national torch plan ", in December 2015, the company has been rated as "high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province", in March 2016, won the "2015 annual jiangyin top ten technical reform advanced unit".




Innovation: OEM, ODM and own brand operation, the combination of market applications

Jiangyin through the photoelectric technology co., LTD. To customer demand as the guide, with the customer for the connection of technology, based on communication with the customer product detailed performance requirement and technical Pointers, sample development, discussed repeatedly sample inspection qualified, and formulate relevant standards. The current business model: OEM, ODM and own brand operation. And formed a market-oriented and multi-channel vertical sales service mode, established a perfect sales network in the domestic market, and gradually expand the international market, the company marketing pipeline. In 2015, the company adopts the combination of direct sales and distributors distribution sales model, market success.


In 2013, through the science and technology as a "national science and technology achievement award", 5 "high-tech products in jiangsu province", a "national key new product" and two "national torch plan", has been identified as "wuxi flat-panel display functional thin film materials engineering technology research center", "wuxi flat-panel display functional thin film materials engineering technology research center".

In 2014, through the science and technology become to indicate, in the light electricity, instrument, hisense and other qualified suppliers, and indirectly, millet mobile phone brands such as bulk supply of apples.

In 2015, through the science and technology become the upstream and downstream manufacturers in the field of national consumer electronics suppliers, such as: compal, quanta group, foxconn group, haier group, hisense group, APPLE, TCL, huawei, millet, boe, TPK, huaxing photoelectric, thin light, samsung, LG, cec, etc.