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Through the photoelectric chairman invited to purple mountain summit

Through the photoelectric chairman invited to purple mountain summit

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2015/11/23 00:00
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Solstice on November 3 4, 2015, 2015 entrepreneurs on both sides of the purple mountain summit held in nanjing. From the mainland and Taiwan more than 850 entrepreneurs, business organizations and financial scholars to attend, chairman of the board of directors of the company I Zhou Yongna was invited to attend the summit. Zhou Yongna on the sidelines of the chairman to governor li reiterated, zhang lei, deputy governor of detailed report of the company development and planning, the two leaders affirmation and praise.

The summit was closely related to the major issues of cross-strait economic development present situation and the future, around the theme "innovation cooperation mode, promote industrial convergence" in-depth discussion, has given rise to a series of cooperation, embodies the summit of the forward-looking and pragmatic; Outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises, youth and grassroots this key, the revitalization of the Chinese nation economy, enhance the public welfare goal, reflected the summit's responsibility and bear.

After a full discussion, put forward the joint initiative on both sides of the entrepreneurs, the two sides said to organize the implementation of various initiatives, does the practical work, seek practical results, in a more fruitful cooperation to meet will be held in the second half of 2016 the next summit meeting.

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