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Committed to becoming the world's leading developer and manufacturer of functional new materials

Message from the Chairman

Empower the future with innovation

Starting from an ordinary packaging material company in 2001, Great Rich Technology Co.,Ltd. has developed into a leading provider of design and solutions for new precision coating functional materials and polymer film materials.

In the development process of Tongli Technology, we have achieved breakthroughs in the fields of precision coating functional new materials and polymer film materials in China over and over again, laying a solid foundation for the quality development of the enterprise. Tongli Technology's glory today comes not only from the focus and persistence on innovation but also the golden opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship endowed by this great era, and we sincerely appreciate it.

Looking to the future, Tongli Technology will build a global footprint based on local markets, actively create a low-carbon economy, and provide high-quality, functional new materials that are energy-saving, ecological, and environment-friendly for the global new materials industry, to achieve leap-forward development, create a national brand with international influence, and lead the future of the domestic functional new materials industry.

Tongli Profile

Tongli, a new revolution of materials

Great Rich Technology Co.,Ltd. (“Tongli Technology”) was established in 2001 and listed on Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ) in 2016 (Stock Code: 900290). As a pathfinder of China’s precision coating functional material and polymer film material industry, Tongli Technology takes on the revitalization of the national new material industry as its mission and implements the “Manufacturing Power” strategy. Focusing on the Internet of Things, smart cities, consumer electronics, flexible displays, automobiles, smart appliances, robotics, medical health, energy conservation, environmental protection, and other industries, it has grown into a leading provider of design and solutions for precision coating functional new materials and polymer film materials.

Embrace the era of the Internet of Everything, plan for the next wave of 5G innovation. Tongli Technology proactively integrates into the global supply chain network, further promotes its internationalization strategy, and has established representative offices in South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India successively. Tongli Technology will uphold the spirit of sharing and win-win, focus firmly on the forefront of high-tech materials, and strive to build an international leading high-tech material brand.

Industrial Distribution

Promote global layout and build international brands

In recent years, the company has continuously increased capital investment for production equipment renew and technological transformation, forming scale production and expanding the plant size. Currently, Tongli Optoelectronics has a modern industrial base in Wuxi and anR&D center in South Korea. Based on the domestic market, it has advanced its internationalization strategy and established a comprehensive sales network. The company has set up representative offices in South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India successively to develop the international markets gradually, with products exported to more than 40 countries and regions.

Development History

From a difficult start to a new material giant, we have always upheld our relentless pursuit of innovation

  • 2020

    Through IATF16949 quality management system certification; Both sides have established a long-term, stable and close strategic cooperative relationship; It has become a qualified supplier of GAC Honda, Xinwei communication and Mindray group.

  • 2019

    Became qualified suppliers of BYD Auto, Suzhou Anjie, Chery Automobile, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (South Korea), and Lens Group; Lianyungang No. 3 plant construction project with a total investment of 3 billion yuan was officially launched, covering an area of 400 acres and a plant area of 500,000 m2, which is expected to start production in 2020.

  • 2018

    Became a qualified supplier of LG Electronics Hangzhou, Suzhou Jinfu, Samsung Electronics (Suzhou), and entered into strategic partnerships. Tongli Technology (GRT) acquired PROTEM Co. Ltd. (Korea).

  • 2017

    Become a qualified supplier of BOE.

  • 2016

    No. 2 plant was completed and opened in June. On October 25, the company was officially listed on Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ), Stock Code 900290. Supplied Apple, Sony, HP, Lenovo, Amazon, and other internationally renowned companies, and becamea qualified supplier of Keppel Communications, CLP Panda, etc.

  • 2015

    Promoted to national high-tech enterprise and became a qualified supplier of Compal Group, Coretronic Corporation, Cymmetrik Group, etc. Identified as “JiangsuEngineering Technology Research CenterforFlat Panel Display Functional Optical Films”.

  • 2014

    Become a qualified supplier of Ruiyi, Hisense, etc., and indirectly supplied internationally renowned mobile phone brands in batches; joined hands with Taiwanese industrial investor Compal GroupGroup and financial investor China Development Financial Holdings and become a shareholder of the company.

  • 2013

    Won a“National Scientific and Technological Achievement Award”, 5 “Jiangsu High-tech Products”, 1 “National Key New Product”, 2 “National Torch Plan”, andidentified as “WuxiEngineering Research Centerfor Flat Panel Display Functional Film Materials”.

  • 2012

    Expansion of Japanese Class1000 dust-free workshop building, mass production of a full range of optical protective films PE, PET (silicone, acrylic adhesive, PU adhesive), CPE, CPP (rubber, acrylic adhesive); comprehensive mass productionof protective films for optical films; establishment of Wuxi Functional Film Research Center

  • 2003-2008

    Passed QS food safety certification; became a partner of well-known enterprises such as Master Kong, May Flower, Qingfeng, Vinda, ZhongjinMedical Packaging, etc.

  • 2001

    The company was established and passed the ISO9001/ISO14000 system certification

Honors and Qualifications

Based on the world's leading production lines and process technologies, Tongli Technology has integrated domestic and foreign eliteR&D teamsand overcome multiple technical barriers in the field of functional new materials. The company ownsa number ofR&D achievements such as “Invention Patent”, “National Key New Product”, “Scientific and Technological Achievement”, “Software Copyright”, etc. In December 2015, it was awarded the honorary title of National High-tech Enterprise.

Corporate Culture

Create a century-old Tongli cultural competitiveness


Tongli Technology

Corporate Vision

Committed to becoming the world's leading provider of design and solutions for precision coating functional new materials and polymer film materials


Access the globe, benefit the world

Core Values

“Change leads to adaptation, and adaptation leads to sustainability”. To build a time-honored Tongli, we must persist in continuous innovation, pursue excellence, strive for perfection and sustainable operation. Everything we do shall focus on customer needs to provide them with the most competitive products and solutions for win-win and sharing, jointly facing future opportunities and challenges.

Speed reflects a company's ability to respond quickly in fierce market competition.Speed reflects high efficiency, high speed drives high efficiency, and high efficiency drives high profit.Speed reflects execution, uncompromised and vigorousimplementation of instructions, leaving no room for“waiting, relying on, wanting”, to achieve the goal with high standards and high quality.

Service attitude and quality embody a concentrated reflectionof the company's competitiveness. Service reflects the professional qualityand represents awork attitude. Service reflects the respect for customers, adhering to the principle of customer first, serving with sincerity and honesty forever, and making every effort to meet customer demand.

Responsibility is a kind of quality, and character determines products. The work qualityof employees is a concrete manifestation of the productquality. Business management boils down tothe management of people's minds, and good business is an embodiment of responsibility.Enterprising fulfilling social responsibility is an essential reflection of social civilization. We shall fulfill our social responsibilities to society, customers, shareholders, partners, employees, and other relevant stakeholders, and strive to achieve mutual benefit, win-win, harmonious development, and common growth for all parties.

Social Responsibility

People-oriented, giving back to society, being an excellent corporate citizen

During the development of the company, Tongli Technology always upholds the tenet of serving customers and giving back to society. It advocates the “Spirit of dripping water”that wears away stone and trickles down into a stream and actively participates in public welfare, committed to creating social responsibility values in the longer-term. Tongli Technology always adheres to operating with honesty and paying taxes according to law; pursuing healthy, sustainable, green development, and cyclic development of the company. The company not only creates value for shareholders, sets the stage for the growth of employees, but also pays more attention to the harmonious and stable development of relationships with various stakeholders. Enthusiastic about charitable causes, it actively gives back to society, supports social welfare undertakings, helps vulnerablegroups, and promotes the development of education, making ourdue contribution to building a harmonious society.