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Applications and Solutions


With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution and the era of intelligence, emerging products represented by 5G, new energy, Internet of Things (IoT), information technology, etc. are gradually maturing. New product forms have been continuously updated and iterated, driving the explosive growth of market demand for new material products. Tongli Technology adheres to the development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing, devotes to the research and development of various functional new materials continuously, and customizes exclusive products and solutions according to customer needs, which have been widely used in the automobile, new energy battery, smart phone, smart appliances, and other industries.

  • Automotive solutions

    Text content to be provided ...
  • Smart appliance solutions

    The Smart Appliances Department mainly promotes smart home appliances in terms of innovative structural design……
  • Consumer Electronics Solutions

    Consumer electronics department, mainly produces a variety of process and delivery protection film, tape products including PET film……
  • New Energy Battery Solution

    The Lithium Battery Tape Department complies with the development of new energy in the country ……


    Tongli Technology adopts a unique “embedded” research and development model. By providing customized services to customers, it always maintains a leading edge in the industry. Various new functional materials developed are widely used in consumer electronics, flexible displays, automobiles, smart appliances, robotics, medical health, energy-saving, environmental protection, and other areas.
    • Polymer Film
      Polymer Film
    • Smart City
      Smart City
    • Aerospace
    • Smart Home
      Smart Home
    • Green Energy Conservation
      Green Energy Conservation
    • Wearable Device
      Wearable Device
    • Robot
    • IOT
    New Energy
    New Energy
    • Graphene Application
      Graphene Application
    • Touch Panel
      Touch Panel
    Tablet Computer
    Tablet Computer
    • Sensor
    • Medical Health
      Medical Health