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Building a multi-win investment environment

Corporate Governance

In 2016, the company was officially listed on Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ), Stock Code 900290. The company has formulated major information internal reports, information disclosure management, external information reporting and management, and sensitive information management systems according to the relevant laws and regulations on information publication and disclosure of Korean listed companies; clarified the principles, contents, and procedures of information disclosure, division of authority and responsibility for information disclosure, record and storage system, as well as information confidentiality measures, etc.


Tongli Technology will continue to provide in-depth support for the development of social public welfare undertakingswitheffective actions and enhance technical innovation efforts, committed to protecting the natural environment, building a full-value ecological chain jointly with all stakeholders, and striving to achieve coordinated andsustainable development between the enterprise and communities.

Short-term Planning:

Increase the research and development of new products through the international exchange of talents and technologies to respond to the industrial cluster changes timely, apply new processes and formulas to the production of precision coating functional new materials to meet market demand.

Medium- and Long-term Planning:

Focusing firmlyon the development of high-tech materials, increase R&D and investment in the precision coating industry, making the company a world-class precision coating industry base.

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