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Nano Ceramic Insulation Material

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    Product Description

    •  Nano ceramic heat insulation film is a ceramic heat insulation film formed by a nano-scale ceramic layer created on a polyester film by vacuum sputtering technology using titanium nitride ceramic materials.

    •  Tungsten oxide nano-slurry combined with high-definition substrate to achieve high thermal insulation. This product is applicable to automobile and architectural window film, with the following features:
    1. High heat insulation, with heat insulation rate up to 95% at 70% light transmission, reducing energy loss effectively.
    2. 99% UV blocking to protect skin and prevent furniture aging.
    3. Attached to the glass to achieve explosion-proof safety.

    Product Features

    •  Spectral selectivity: no interference to radio signals, especially satellite short-wave signals (GPS), no metal film shielding effect.

    •   Energy conservation: reducing the load of air conditioning and saving energy.

    •  Fade resistance: Inherent color of ceramics used for the ceramic thermal insulation film without adding pigments.

    •  Chemically stable ceramic materials that are not easily oxidized.

    •  Amber color: The ceramic thermal insulation film is as crystal clear and beautiful as amber, with soft color for a comfortable visual effect.

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    Product Parameters

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