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Functional coating materials

Heat Dissipation Material

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    Product Description

    •  Excellent thermal conductivity, rapid heat dissipation (convection with air), lightweight and flexibility, etc.

    •  Configure suitable environment matching requirements based on product definition, high integration of equipment, high adaptability, and reliability for ultra-small and ultra-thin products.

    Product Features

    Graphene heat dissipation material - display cooling problem

    •  Shortened service life and reduced performance;

    •  Heating: OLED >> LCD;

    •  Device (lighter and thinner equipment border).

    Graphene heat dissipation material - metal heat dissipation material

    •  Thermal conductivity: Ag

    •  Heat-resistant, flexible, and easy to process.

    Product Structure Diagram

    Product Parameters

    Application Area

    • Consumer electronics
    • Electronic display (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV)