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Functional coating materials

Anti-blue light film

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    Product Description

    •  Screen protection for laptops, cell phones, PADs, etc .;

    •  Can filter high-energy short-wave blue light and ultraviolet light to reduce visual damage;

    •  Effectively filter up to 80% of short-wave blue light (380nm ~ 420nm).

    Product Features

    •  Can filter ultraviolet rays and high-energy short-wave blue light to reduce visual damage without affecting visual effects;

    •  The hardness reaches 3H, which can effectively prevent the screen from being scratched;

    •  High full-light transmittance;

    •  Good re-workable performance without adhesive residue;

    •  Use special silicone resin with automatic adsorption capacity to prevent air bubbles.

    Product Structure Diagram

    Product Parameters

    Application Area

    • Electronic display (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV)
    • Consumer electronics