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Functional coating materials

3D anti-counterfeiting material

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    Product Description

    • Anti-counterfeiting refers to a measure actively taken to prevent counterfeiting as a means of copying, duplicating, or forging/selling othertrade owners’ products without their permission.        

    Product Features

    •  Class 1000 dust-free workshop production, class 10000 stocking and packaging;

    •  First-line anti-counterfeiting technology, dynamic and intuitive, with sliding and displacement as the viewing angle changes;

    •  High technical threshold, precise structure design, and original Roll-to-roll soft film coating technology;

    •  Acquired technology (microlens products): Total thickness of the product controlled within 27 ~ 70 μm;

    •  Unique patented technology products (non-microlens array products: under development), breakthrough Crane Currency patent

    Product Structure Diagram

    Product Parameters

    Application Area

    • Multi-purpose High-end Anti-counterfeiting Products