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Polymer film materials


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Table India type CPP

The film has more adavantages than the common CPP film: Can be printed directly; Has high mechanical properties; Excellent flatness; High transparency, is similar to the glass; It’s friction coefficient is less than 0.2. Mainly used in the extermal packing material for noodles, napkins and so on.

High-temperature cooking type CPP

High temperature steaming film: On the base of the common composite film, it can be used for cooking and steaming at around 125 degrees centigrade. The high-temperature steaming and cooking film developed by the Company can function properly at 135 degrees centigrade without any deforming or damage after steaming for 45 minutes. Compared with films of the same kind film made by foreign countries, it can save too much cost. Therefore, it is widely used in vacuum food packing.

Antistatic type CPP

Anti-static CPP film: It enjoys all the features of the common film as well as the anti-static features that common films do not have. It is mainly used for packing powdered, melectronic and medical products.

Toughening type CPP

The film is mainly used for clothing packaging, with super toughness and high transparency.

Flow delay CPE films

CPE film, different from the PE blown film in technical process, this film is produced by casting, has obviously advantages in the flatness, transparence and even compared with the PE blown film.


  • Commodity packaging
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Industrial Electronic Packaging, Medicine Packaging
  • Service Packaging
  • Multi-purpose Film