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Polymer film materials


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PE no crystal point protective film substrate

Under the control of the dust-free system, the advanced equipment has produced the protective film substrate without crystal points, widely used in protecting the surface of the color steel plates, stainless steel plates, house appliances, furniture and plastic plates, etc.

Without solvent composite materials

The composite materials produced by the European technologies and the Italian energy-saving equipment, are mainly used to the material like BOPP、PETPLDPELLDPEOPANYHLCPPCOEXFILMPAPER, and etc.

PE shielding, aluminum foil composite matrix membrane

This kind of film is used for packing the electronic products. It can be brought under direct anti-static treatment or treated by the customers. The characteristics lies in the fine-adjusting of the formula to promote its intensity and heat seal strength. Performance of the openings is excellent. Control of the planeness and crystal points can all go through practical tests.


  • Industrial Electronic Packaging
  • Multi-purpose Packaging