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Polymer film materials


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PE-T hot sealing can peel easy tear film

After heat-sealing treatment, the film enjoys good heat seal strength. It accords with the sealing requirements for medicines and can be completed and entirely separated in use without being torn, even for long-term storage. For example, the film can be used in the packing of the suppository medicines.

PE oil coated

This film has such god virtues as non-penetration, non-toxicity, smell-free, anti-oil and anti-pollution, good sealing strength, low temperature heat-sealing and good peelability. It applies to the high-speed automatic packing production lines and accords with the hygienic standards for food packing. The oil packing film of TONGLI is also used in the instant-noodle industry, for packing the oil ingredients and sauce packets for many famous enterprises, for example, Master Kang, Hualong and White Elephant.

PE antistatic packaging film

The anti-static PE film produced by TONGLI Company is high in transparency, low-temperature heat-sealing, superior mechanic performance and easy-opening. It is often used in packing the Monosodium Glutamate, milk powder and bean milk powder as well as other dairy food and medicines. It is also used as the internal packing material for the powdered chemical reagents, especially for composting with aluminum. Moreover, it has very good anti-static effect in packing the common industrial electronic and electrical products.


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