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Laser Screen - Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

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    Product Description

    •   Ambient light rejecting screen for ultra-short throw laser projection TV

    •   Effectively absorb ambient light and improve contrast under ambient light

    (Laser TV is composed of a reflective ultra-short throw projector and a projection screen. However, it is subject to color loss under the lighting environment, which requires the combination of the ambient light rejecting screen for the full popularization of laser display.)

    Product Features

    •  The product features wide color gamut (WCG), high color purity, flexible display screen size, and no harmful electromagnetic radiation, etc.

    •  The imaging layer accurately reflects each beam of light from the projector on the screen. The carbon crystal layer ensures the black level purity of the picture, creating a strong 3D effect and amazingly vivid picture, with the contrast 10 times higher than the ordinary curtain. The diffusion layer is used to make the picture clear and soft for long-term viewing without fatigue, which is conducive to protecting eyesight. The refraction layer allows users to have a super perspective of 170°. The scratch-resistant coating prevents daily scratches effectively and makes the surface easy to clean.

    Product Structure Diagram

    Product Parameters

    Application Area

    • Laser projection television
    • 5G high frequency sensor carrier film