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Precision coating bonding materials

PU Foam Tape

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    Product Description

    •   Foam double-sided tape with excellent heavy-duty performance, special adhesive with excellent adhesion performance on the surfaces of multiple different materials, as well as good adhesion under high temperature and humidity conditions. Anti-seismic, sealing, sound insulation, and light-proof, and other properties. Double-sided tape applicable to large-screen frameless TVs and other LCD screens.
    The thickness of the product ranges from 0.46 mm to 1.66 mm, with many mature products with various thicknesses to meet the requirements of different specifications.

    Product Features

    •   Excellent light shielding in XYZ-axis directions

    •   Reliable and non-decaying bonding performance in high temperature and humidity environments
    •   Excellent adhesion on the surfaces of plastic, metal, inorganic, and other materials

    •   Excellent reworkability on both sides

    Product Structure Diagram

    Product Parameters

    Application Area

    • Consumer electronics
    • Electronic display (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV