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Precision coating bonding materials

Heavy Duty Tape (Poron Foam)

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    Product Description

    •   Product Application: This product is applicable to the production or rework of touch screens, touch panels, flat-panel LEDs, liquid crystal modules, modules, batteries, metals, and plastic glass to remove OCA and LOCA residues and allow product reuse, without residual glue after tear-off

    •  Reliable super bonding, easy removal without residue when disassembly and repair are required, which significantly 

     improves its reworkability and can be operated perfectly even in a very narrow width

    Product Features

    •   Easy removal without residual glue, no residual glue on the surface after tear-off (excellent removability) to protect the module from damage

    •   Excellent dustproof, anti-aging and anti-impact cushioning effects

    • Super high adhesion and extensibility, no solvent, no odor.

    • Superb initial strength and adhesion.

    Product Structure Diagram

    Product Parameters

    Application Area

    • Consumer electronics
    • Electronic Display (Smartphone, IPAD, PC)