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Functional coating materials

Ultra-thin PET Double-sided Tape

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    Product Description

    • Lower packaging back adhesive of artificial graphite sheet;

    • Lower layer adhesive of ferrite materials, NFC, and absorbing materials, etc.;

    • Bonding and fixing of PEEK acoustic film.

    • Bonding and fixing of reflectiveand other functional films used in LED backlight moduleof displaysin mobile devices such as mobile phones.

    Product Features

    •    Class 1000 dust-free workshop, with high product cleanliness and appearance grade;

    •    Precise coating control technology, stable product thickness, and mechanical properties, etc.;

    •    Ultra-thin polyester film used as substrate for ultra-thin double-sided tape;

    •    The product features thin coating, high viscosity, and excellent processability to meet customer requirements for lighter and thinerterminal products;

    Product Structure Diagram

    Product Parameters

    Application Area

    • Consumer Electronics
    • Electronic Display (Smartphone, IPAD, PC)