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Warmly celebrate the smooth mass production of Jiangsu Huizhi MLCC release film/optical grade BOPET/photovoltaic substrate film

After months of research and development and debugging by domestic and foreign research teams, the 6.8 meter wide German imported BOPET double pull production line achieved an innovative breakthrough yesterday and successfully mass-produced. This also marks the official launch of the Jiangsu Huizhi New Materials Optical Thin Film Business Unit under Tongli Group. Zhou Yongnan, Chairman of Tongli Group, and relevant leaders of the enterprise jointly witnessed. The company's products are widely used in key fields such as consumer electronics, 5G, semiconductors, new energy, automobiles, architecture, ceramic capacitors, medical and health, energy conservation and environmental protection, AR/VR, industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence, etc. After reaching production capacity, it will break the situation where China has always been monopolized by foreign countries in this material field. It is understood that the MLCC release film has high technical barriers and a wide range of domestic alternatives. It is widely used in many fields such as intelligent terminals, automotive electronics, wearable devices, 5G communication base stations, etc. Especially in the power system of new energy vehicles, the usage has increased by four times compared to traditional fuel vehicles. The 6.8 meter wide German bidirectional BOPET production line is equipped with the latest international technology and top-notch hardware configuration, and the film's temperature shrinkage ratio and flatness have reached the highest level in the industry. In the spacious and bright production workshop, a fully automated production line with a length of over a hundred meters, precision manufacturing equipment runs at full speed. The crystal clear polymer chips are quenched through biaxial stretching technology to produce optical grade polyester films with a thickness of 20-125um. At present, the company's series of products have reached the same level as Japan and South Korea.