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Heavy news! Zhou Yongnan, Chairman of Jiangsu Huizhi New Materials, was invited to attend a symposium on Taiwanese funded enterprises

On January 2nd, Governor Xu Kunlin held a symposium on Taiwanese funded enterprises in Suzhou. Liu Xiaotao, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Fang Wei, Deputy Governor, Lv Deming, Secretary General of the Provincial Government, and key officials of relevant departments in the province; Wu Qingwen, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Wang Biao, Shen Mi, Zhou Wei, and Yu Yu, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, participated in relevant activities. Zhou Yongnan, Chairman of Jiangsu Huizhi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Huizhi New Materials"), was invited to attend this symposium.

Before the meeting, Governor Xu had a video connection with Xu Shengxiong, Chairman of Taiwan Jin Renbao Group, a strategic shareholder of Wisdom New Materials, at the Kunshan Manufacturing Center of Renbao Group. They carefully exchanged views on the industrial development of Jin Renbao Group in Jiangsu and extended warm greetings.

Huizhi New Materials is jointly invested and constructed by Jiangsu Tongli Group and Taiwan Jinrenbao Group, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan and covering an area of 400 acres. It has now been mass-produced on a large scale. Huizhi New Materials is committed to building an international first-class production base for functional new materials and optical film materials, leading the development and innovation of the new material industry. In recent years, with the deepening cooperation with Jinrenbao Group in the industrial chain, supply chain, and technological elements, Huizhi New Materials has formed a complete new material manufacturing industry chain that integrates various polymer material modifications and film material manufacturing, synthesis of various functional coating materials, and precision coating of functional film materials. Multiple products have solved the bottleneck problem in the field of membrane materials in China and broken the monopoly of some cutting-edge membrane materials by foreign countries!

Chairman Zhou Yongnan stated that this Taiwan enterprise symposium is a valuable meeting. Before the meeting, he carefully prepared and submitted a written report to the conference. At the meeting, he not only had in-depth exchanges with leaders and representatives of entrepreneurs from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, sharing experiences and demands in the development process of enterprises, exploring how to cope with future market competition and changes, but also enhancing understanding among all parties, deepening friendship, and expanding the space for further cooperation. In the view of Chairman Zhou Yongnan, there is a vast market in mainland China and talent and technological resources in Taiwan. The integration of resources between the two sides is both a win-win situation and an inevitable trend. From 2013 until now, the cooperation between Tongli Group and Taiwan Jinrenbao Group has truly reflected the mutual empowerment and complementary advantages of enterprises on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The cooperation is still deepening and will continue to write a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win.