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Tongli Optech “Shines” in Shenzhen Film & Tape Expo 2019

       During Nov. 21-23, 2019, FILM &TAPE EXPO 2019 was grandly held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Jiangyin Tongli Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tongli Technology”), as a leading provider of design and solutions for precision coating new functional materials and polymer film materials, attended this event by taking along with its consumer electronics, smart home appliances, new energy automobiles as well as other products and solutions, which attracted great attention from all walks of life at the Expo.

     FILM & TAPE EXPO, as an annually-held influential and professional event focusing on the film tapes and coating die-cutting industry for years, is a great occasion for the exhibitors to grasp the dynamic information, to understand the industry trends and to establish business networking. The event held in 2019, particularly, has brought its industry influence into full play to bring together a great number of world-renowned brands.

       On the first day of the Expo, more than 420 world-renowned brands displayed their innovative products competitively, focusing on exhibiting the innovative equipment, innovative materials and leading process plans. FILM &TAPE EXPO 2019, jointly working and interacting with the International Coating & Die-cutting Exhibition (“ICDE”) and the International C-Touch & Display Exhibition, systematically demonstrated the brand-new technologies and featured products in respect of films and tapes as well as coating & die-cutting full industry chains applicable to various application areas and settings. 

       At this EXPO, Tongli Technology brought a variety of exhibits, including products and full range of solutions applicable to consumer electronics, smart home appliances, lithium batteries, other new energy products etc. In order to make greater achievement through this EXPO, Tongli Technology specially established a strong team to provide on-site marketing service, which is led by Jiang Zhe, deputy GM of Tongli Technology. During the period of the EXPO, Tongli Technology, has aroused an extensive attention from the visitors, and a lot of professionals flooded the booth to communicate. What’s more, the organizer of the EXPO visited the booth to have given us a special interview. 

     The annual EXPO, is not only a stage for demonstrating the strength of the major enterprises, but also a platform to bring together the industry leaders to exchange ideas and predict industry development trends. Currently, the world is undergoing the great changes unprecedent for centuries, and a new round of science & technology revolution is developing in leaps and bounds. In addition, the in-depth industry reform is persistently advancing, and the industrial internet based on 5G drives to the booming of digital industrialization and Industrial digitization. Under this situation, what changes will be brought to the industry of new materials?

     He Zhen, CTO of Tongli Technology, was invited to have attended the “Innovation & Development Summit Forum of FILM & TAPE EXPO 2019”, who made a keynote speech entitled “Frontier Research & Development on the Functional Material Films Applicable to Intelligent Machines”. The speech well demonstrated the bright prospects of the industry of the functional material films in the era of 5G, and has won the approval and praise from the presented experts and scholars.

     Meanwhile, the EXPO announced the list of winners for 2019 Annual Innovation Award, and Tongli Technology was honored to be selected as one of the winners.