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Tongli Optech Selected as “Jiangsu Demonstration Intelligent Workshop”

  On Nov. 5, 2019, Industrial Internet and Smart Manufacturing Meeting was held in Wuxi, in which China Electronics Standardization Institute released and interpreted Analysis Report on Wuxi’s Smart Manufacturing Level (2019). In addition, the meeting awarded 36 workshops with the title of “Model Smart Workshop of Jiangsu”, and the Functional Polymer Film Precision Coating Smart Manufacturing Workshop of Jiangyin Tongli Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (“Tongli Technology”) is honored to be on the list. The plate awarding ceremony was held on site in the meeting. 


  As a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of the precision coating new functional materials and polymer film materials, during the recent years, by sticking to the manufacturing power strategy, Tongli Technology launched the smart system applicable to the fabrication and manufacturing of the functional film products to have reached the goal of manufacturing products in the circumstance of batch customization. Thanks to the application of the digitalized smart manufacturing system, Tongli Technology has promoted its level in informatization, intelligence and collaboration, and has adopted the new management model with the characteristics of transparent full-process data, clarified cost and reasonable personnel performance.  

    By synergistically operating the software systems of ERP, MES, OA, etc., the lean smart project of Tongli Technology successfully makes the products’ full manufacturing process under control, including process design, order placement, production planning, production implementation, logistics operation, quality test, process-based cost. In addition, the project also helps to activate the staff’s inner competitive mechanism, to run business from elaborating “details”, to promote production efficiency, to promote product quality, and to lower the manufacturing cost. In a word, the project helps Tongli Technology to cope with various future challenges. 


    By owning sophisticated equipment, masterly technology process, rich manufacturing experience and completed management system, Tongli Technology cultivated its products with superior quality and created a brand of “TONGLI”. By taking the advantage of brand-new technology process design and unique production formula, Tongli Technology conquered one technology barrier after another across the sector of new functional materials, and has become the qualified provider for many world prestigious enterprises, including APPLE, SAMSUNG, LG, HUAWEI, HISENSE, and so on.